Ok, Ok, I’ll Go Network…

Today I was reminded that human interaction is always a good thing.  These days it’s much more comfortable for us to sit at the computer and connect virtually.  It means we don’t have to produce much effort in order to feel ‘networked.’

Yet every time I go to a local event in the community, I always leave invigorated/inspired/motivated.  In the digital world we’re in, it’s so easy for us to like, follow,  and connect without having to actually shake hands.  Which – hey – I’m not knocking social networking.  It’s because of Twitter and LinkedIn that I’ve been able to ‘meet’ amazing marketing communications professionals that I may have never met otherwise.

But, there is something special about human interaction and engagement.  Shaking hands, looking people in the eye, and conversing with others truly builds confidence and communication skills.  It also teaches you how to listen and spurs creativity.

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Be More Human.

Last night I attended the Pump Up Your Line 12! event put on by the UT Federal Credit Union and had the privilege of hearing from a marketing and social media great, Mark Schaefer.

His presentation was hot off the press from the South by Southwest event.  I got to hear it. It was stocked full of statistics, advice, and predictions on the future of social media. Incredible stuff.  I jotted down a few comments he made.

“Connect to people in their point of need.”

“Data will increase by 600% and 73% of content will be created by consumers by 2020.”
He went on to explain that by the time 2020 rolls around the Internet we know now will be like the size of 6 Internets.  Can you imagine the depth and expanse that even covers?

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Progressive Marketing Summit Re-cap

Yesterday  afternoon I attended the Knoxville American Marketing Association’s Progressive Marketing Summit located at The Foundry (side note: pretty sure that was the best “conference food” I’ve had in a while…it was delicious!).

The agenda was full of sessions dedicated to the theme:  “Not Every Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”

The opening keynote was given by the dynamic Rick Elliott whose passion for storytelling was evident.  There were a few things he said that stuck with me, but one in particular was this:  numbers and statistics don’t sell products, it’s all about the brand telling a story that relates to its customers.

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PRSA Lunch Meeting Re-cap

I attended the PRSA lunch today at Café 4 in downtown Knoxville. Shout out to Café 4 because they always serve delicious-ness (they have an amazing weekend brunch menu – just sayin’).

Today’s format was patterned after a “speed dating” event – where chapter members were able to meet and hear from guest speakers at individual tables. The goal of the meeting was to “reinvigorate your passion for the profession.” And it did just that. Continue reading PRSA Lunch Meeting Re-cap